My dolls

Here is Julie Albright, my first doll.  Why did I get her?  Because I was a girl during her time period in the 70's, and I can relate to everything about her.  What do I love most about her?  It's her hair!!!  She has such beautiful, long, straight hair!  I did get her ears pierced because I had mine pierced as a girl.  She is such a beauty!!

This is my second doll, Rebecca.  Why do I love her?  Because she is Jewish!  This is the only historic doll that AG has made that is Jewish.  Even though I am not Jewish, I love Jewish history.  Plus, her hair is gorgeous!!
                            This is my last doll, My American Girl Doll, which I named Susie.  Why do I love this doll?  Because she looks the most like me as a girl.  She has long strawberry-blond hair with freckles.  She loves being outside with God's nature, and she has a strong love for animals.  I also wanted a doll that I could dress up in modern clothes!