Saturday, June 18, 2011

McDonald's heads vs. Julie's Barbie's head

Right now at McDonald's they are putting "LIV" dolls and/or heads in the girl's Happy Meals.  I bought one and brought it home to compare with Julie's Barbie's head.  (It's a doll head she receives for Christmas, and it is now a retired item from AG.)  The Barbie style is not as pretty as the LIV doll style.  So, here is Julie playing with her doll head, then my modern doll, Susie, playing with her doll head.

Here is a closer look at Julie's 1970's Christmas gift.  I didn't even know it was retired!  (Her bleachers are retired too.)
Which one do you like better?


  1. I prefer Julie's, by a mile. Her Barbie seems more natural, whereas the LIV doll looks way too made-up.

  2. Julies doll is more natural, and the liv doll seems more made up. i think the liv doll is pretier though.:)

  3. I like Julie's best too. Prettier in a more subtle way. I'm so glad to see you back on the blog.