Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The AG Samovar Set to review

This is a Russian samovar.  What is it?  It is a vessel that holds hot water for tea. 
 This is a very substantial vessel and tray.  It is authentic, detailed, and heavy.  The whole thing is metal except for the handle that you see me touching.  It is made of plastic:

 It comes with 2 glasses that are actually made of glass:

 Oops! Another blurry picture above.

When I researched these vessels I found out that some samovars can hold the actual tea pot on the top to keep the tea warm.  When I tried this with the tea pot it worked!!!!!  AG was spot-on with their authenticity!

 The tea pot comes in two pieces:  the pot and the lid.

Above is the entire samovar set with the two glasses.  It also came with 4 more items.  A loaf of bread:

The linen cloth that the bread sits on:

The two candles with their candlesticks.  The only disappointing thing about these were that the candlesticks are plastic.

In the above picture you can see the tea box that also came with the set.  It is made of hard paper, but that was how they were made.  It's authentic!

So, there you go, the samovar set.  I highly recommend the purchase!!

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  1. American Girl makes THE BEST accessories! Love the authenticity of this set!

    Can I ask how tall the samovar is without the teapot?

    Thank you!