Are you going to heaven?

Have you ever laid in bed at night and wondered if you were going to make it into heaven?  I did.  If I did something really bad that day I wondered if God would forgive me and let me into heaven.  I always wondered if I was good enough.  It wasn't until I was older that I found out the truth from studying the Bible for several years.  Can I share with you what I found out?  It will give you such peace and comfort!  Here goes.....

First of all you don't have to be good to go to heaven.  Are you shocked?  I was!  Let me explain:    If being "good" is required to go to heaven, then you have to be as good as God.  That means you have to be PERFECT never having done anything wrong!  The Bible says that every person has done something wrong.  I have and you have.  Have you ever told a lie?  Yep!  Have you ever cheated on a test or a game?  Yep!  Now that we have learned that we are not perfect, how do we get into heaven?  Here goes some more....

Because God loved us so much and wanted us to be in heaven, He sent His son to the earth to die for us on a cross.  While He was dying on the cross he was actually taking the punishment for all the wrong things that we have done.  He even took all the punishment for the things we haven't done YET!
Everything that we have done wrong or will do wrong has all been forgiven!!!  So, being "good" can not get us into heaven because we would have to be as good as God and we can't.  What you DO have to do is believe what Jesus did for YOU!  You have to trust Him to take you to heaven because of what He did on the cross.

One last thing....after Jesus died He rose from the dead again three days later!  He is the only One in history that can claim that to be done.  This proves to me that I will live again in heaven when I die.

Would you believe this right now?  Will you believe that Jesus died for you?  Now you can go to bed at night and have peace knowing that no matter what you did during the day that Jesus forgave you many years ago on a cross.  How cool is that!!!

See you in heaven!