Monday, June 13, 2011

Two American Girl products to review!


 The first item I bought was the "American Girl Holiday Accessories" for half price:  $12.00.  It was well worth the sale price.  One of the items is a study gift box with 3 pairs of earrings (one pierced earring set, and 2 stick-on earring sets).

I apologize for my pictures being blurry.  You also receive a furry purse that opens, has a jewel on front, and has a looped ribbon so your doll can carry it.

 You also get a miniature sized book of The Night Before Christmas.

 This is what it looks like without the book cover:

 And, this is what it looks like opened:

Finally, you get this beautiful AG bracelet:

My daughter's Jewish doll, Lindsey, is wearing the bracelet.  My only complaint about anything with this purchase was that the bracelet was so HARD to put on.  It took several times for it to finally clasp together.
But, everything was worth the purchase.

The next item I bought was Rebecca's samovar set.  I didn't even know what a samovar set was, but I know now.  The samovar is very impressive.  It is quite heavy and very detailed and authentic.  Oops, I just lost my pictures for this, so I will post them a little later.  Looking forward to seeing them!!!!

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  1. Very sweet blog site. Love your testimony also. Great to see your faith proclaimed.
    I don't collect AG but I collect Sashas and Sylvia Natterer dolls.
    But I love all dolls !