Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Colors!!

This is what my maple tree in my front yard looks like.  It is actually prettier in person 

 Here is a Felicity sticker I found at the craft store, that goes along fall. She looks beautiful in her  yellow dress and red hair. So I'm giving it away in honor of fall.
HOW TO ENTER: You need parent's permission. Also the only way to enter is to comment me your email, your name, and what's your favorite red headed AG doll.
The last day to enter is Oct. 29th, and I'll announce the winner on the 30th!:)
This is my cute kitten that matches fall too.  He blends in perfectly with the leaves.  His name is Highway (We found him on the side of the highway when he was just teenie-tiny, and we adopted him.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Welcome to the start of my blog!

Hey girls and gals!  Fall is such a beautiful time, and a time to dress-up!!  My three dolls have joined in the fun.  Julie has decided to go back 100 years in time to the prairie. 

Next, I have my look-a-like doll, Susan, dressed up like a kitty-cat.  Do you recognize the outfit from AG?

Last, I have Rebecca dressed up like a hula girl.  I have heard rumors that the next doll-of-the-year might be Hawaiian.

Now, I will always have a little excerpt of one of my cats.  Here is Streaky being very cute.  I like to dress her up too.  Maybe in another post I will show you what she can do.         
Aren't you glad God made 4 seasons?  I used to live in Florida, and I felt like it was summer all year long, but now I live in North Carolina and I can sense all 4 seasons!  I'm so glad God made the leaves change color!!!  He is an awesome God!!!