Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I've been TAGGED!

Ok, all you young whipper-snappers out there who know what tagging is:  I've been tagged!  So, you write down 7 random things about yourself?  Here goes:

1.  I have to wear glasses now when I read.
2.  I LOVE chocolate!
3.  I have red hair.
4.  I just pre-ordered the movie "Tangled".
5.  I don't like winter.
6.  I like to stay up late.
7.  I'm going to church tonight (Wed. night service)

Now, I will tag someone!  Ha, ha, ha!!!!!!
I will tag beachbabydoll, beast'sbelle, and Liddy.  Have fun!!!!


  1. I forgot to tell you, you have to tag 7 people. :)

  2. Sorry, I have been a neglectful follower. I just tuned in to your blog as I have been a busy girl. 7 things about me:
    I love our Lord Jesus.
    I love the ocean He made us!
    I am married almost 39 years and it's great.
    I have a son and a daughter who are terrific adults.
    I like bananas and peanut butter.
    My favorite color is red.
    I love almost any doll and taking their pictures and the whole doll blog thing!
    I love sewing for dolls--too much--even when it gets frustrating!
    I think that's seven. Do I have to tag anybody?
    Check your e-mail. You won our contest at!!

  3. Hey, I hope you and Liddy were out of the way of the Tornados!

  4. Hi! You haven't posted in a while, I can't wait to see you post again. :)